The students in the Multi-Needs Program are elementary through junior-high age students with significant physical, mental, and sensory impairments. These students meet daily challenges of multiple disabilities with extraordinary heart and spirit.

The Classrooms

The primary, intermediate, and junior high classrooms are located in age-appropriate, accessible public schools within the LADSE Cooperative. Each student’s daily schedule is determined by the priorities outlined in his/her individualized educational plan, designed to maximize independence in daily living, recreation/leisure, communication, academics, community, and vocational skills.

The Curriculum

The multi-needs curriculum provides teachers and staff with a framework of activities and aligns IEP goals with general education learning standards. Quarterly benchmarks provide important data on student progress.

Individual assistive technology plans also help students access the curriculum through a wide range of devices from eye-gaze boards to voice-output communication systems.




Amanda Meyer
Program Coordinator

Sheri Holton
Administrative Assistant