The Importance of Tummy Time

Tummy time (placing a baby on their stomach) is important to develop the shoulder, neck, and head muscles. It also helps the baby to develop motor control over the head and body and maintains the shape of a baby’s head. Initially, tummy time can be done by placing a baby over your lap or against your chest, when you are reclined, for a few minutes a day. When a baby is on the floor doing tummy time engage them with a toy, music, or join them on them on the floor and sing to them. Tummy time also promotes fine motor skills because it allows a child to reach and grab objects when they are on their stomach. Babies who are exposed to tummy time may roll, push up, or crawl earlier. Not all babies like tummy time since it is not as comfortable as laying on their back but the more they do it, and the stronger they become, the easier it will become. Tummy time should always be supervised

Here is an article for more information on tummy time and supported sitting ideas.

OT and PT Tips for School Success

As children grow and develop they learn new gross motor and fine motor skills. These skills are the building blocks for subsequent and more complex skills. Gross motor refers to using the large muscles typically in the trunk, arms, and legs and how to coordinate the body as a whole. Fine motor skills typically refer to the small muscles in the fingers, hand, and wrist and that include precision skills like picking up objects or writing.

When students start school they engage in a variety of activities that requires trunk control, body strength, and coordination to complete many daily activities completed at school. These activities include arrival/ departure, table-top activities, gross motor/ recess, and writing. Students spend much of the school day writing but in order to do that successfully they must have the necessary fundamental skills.

Click here for a chart for ideas regarding writing and the fundamental skills needed.

Resources for Families

Below is a list of resources for families to access.