School Nurse Consultant

LADSE’s school nurse consultant supports LADSE’s multi-district programs, its member district nurses, staff, and students and their families. The nurse is available to discuss specific needs of students receiving special education services and to share resources on all aspects of school health matters. Vision and hearing screening as mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health is offered to students throughout the year. An outcome of screening may be identification of students eligible for participation in a vision, otologic, or audiological clinic sponsored by LADSE in conjuction with state health agencies.

Education and Training

Health education and training programs on a variety of topics including CPR, defibrillator use, first aid, contagious and chronic illnesses, seizures, auto-immune deficiency syndrome, bloodborne pathogens, state and federal mandates, and other health related issues are offered to LADSE and district nurses and staff.

Consultation Services

Consultation services are offered to district nurses and to DuPage West Cook Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. Coordination between home and school staff is offered when health problems, chronic illness, or major accidents require home visits from the nurse. When necessary, individual health plans and procedures for health impaired students are developed.


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Joan Kittler
MSN, RN, PEL-SN School Nurse Consultant

Lynn Kral
Administrative Assistant

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