LADSE Vocational Alliance

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The Vocational Alliance supports the LADSE mission by assisting students with disabilities by building a bridge between school, employment, and the community, founded on academic and vocational experiences.

What is the Vocational Alliance?

The Vocational Alliance is a network of the LADSE Vocational Services Unit, and the vocational staff of Hinsdale Township, Lyons Township, and Riverside Brookfield High Schools.

The Vocational Alliance partnerships include agencies, organizations, learning institutions and businesses who have made a strong commitment to the vocational growth and successful post high school outcomes of students with disabilities.

The LADSE Employer Advisory Board actively works with the Vocational Alliance members by assisting us in building partnerships and programs within LADSE communities. These partnerships and programs include school based and community based distinctive programs and services.

The Vocational Alliance model supports other partnerships within the communities served by LADSE such as our partnership with the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation (WSCCIF). LADSE and WSCCIF has formalized this partnership through the establishment of the EmployAlliance.


Alex Budziszewski
CRC, DRS Transition Specialist

Kristine Mazza
DRS Case Service Expediter

Dr. Joanne Messina
WIA Transition Consultant

Tricia Iraci
DRS Transition Experience Facilitator