LADSE Vocational Alliance Employer Partnerships

We have designed this information for businesses and community organizations who want to learn more about assisting the process of students learning vocational skills and how they apply those skills in the world of careers and work.

The LADSE Vocational Alliance and the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation (WSCCIF) EmployAlliance are two award winning networks established for business and education partnerships. Both the LADSE Vocational Alliance and the EmployAlliance WSCCIF are represented in local business associations and support building capacity for people with disabilities throughout our local communities.

The LADSE Vocational Alliance Business Partnership

The LADSE Vocational Alliance is a network of district vocational staff, community organizations and employers/businesses who work together to assist students in gaining work experience and employment opportunities. There are over 80 local businesses that work with students and the many work programs that are offered through the LADSE Vocational Alliance. We encourage students and their families to frequent the businesses and services who are part of the LADSE Vocational Alliance. Visit our list of business partners.

The LADSE Vocational Alliance as a Business Resource

We are happy to bring you employer and business resources relating to the employment of people with disabilities, workforce development updates and tools to use that will enhance your business practices. We have added a Resource Hub designed for employers and businesses as a hub of opportunity for you to learn more. At the Resource Hub you will find links to employment and disability information that will prove beneficial to you, your current employees and your company growth.

Partnering with the LADSE Employer Advisory Board

We are involved in building capacity within our communities through the LADSE Vocational Alliance and its many joint initiatives of promoting student growth, business growth and community growth. The LADSE Employer Advisory Board looks for representatives from the business and business education world to join us in our efforts. To learn more about the LADSE Employer Advisory Board and becoming a member you can download a copy of the LADSE Employer Advisory Board brochure.

About the LADSE Employer Advisory Board

Our mission is to support LADSE and its member districts in bridging the gap between academic and vocational experiences and promote student skill development for a successful transition from high school to adult life.

The LADSE Employer Advisory Board is made up of local business people that ultimately impact the employment for persons with disabilities. This Board is eleven years old and has assisted in the development of networks which include employers, business associations, community members, districts, students and families.

We are a volunteer board and welcome new members. Our current membership includes representatives from various industries such as health care, banking, education, finance, rehabilitation, workforce development, business associations, unions, vocational training and local and state government. We are actively seeking new individuals from the business community to join our LADSE Employer Advisory Board.

Our Project History gives you a snapshot of the projects and programs that were initiated and supported by our involvement in this business education partnership.

For more information on the LADSE Employer Advisory Board or becoming a member, contact Karen Steffan at