Employer Partnerships

Employers and businesses are vital components of the Vocational Alliance. Partnerships that exist between employers, educators, and the community allow our students, a part of the future workforce of America, to be better prepared to meet competitive employment demands.

FACTS on Hiring People with Disabilities:

Businessman in wheelchair with laptop computer
  • 90% of businesses surveyed by the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers reported no effect on insurance costs as a result of hiring workers with disabilities. (Gannett Newspaper 2006)
  • Companies do not experience increased insurance premiums when they hire employees with disabilities. Because of Medicare changes and Medicaid Buy-In programs, many people with disabilities carry their own insurance, thereby reducing the employer’s cost. (SSA2006)
  • Employers report that the vast majority of individuals with disabilities don’t require any accommodations. Those that did reported the expenses were $600 or less. (JAN 2006)
  • 92% of consumers surveyed felt more favorable toward companies that hire employees with disabilities. (Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation-1/2006)
  • People who earn money contribute more to the Illinois economy.
  • People with disabilities and their families have 3 Trillion dollars of spending power…How are your skills in customer service and customers with disabilities?
  • Potential employees with disabilities are most likely to qualify for work supports that are a BENEFIT to employers. This includes the WOTC tax credit (link to WOTC info) for employers, On-the-Job training reimbursements through DRS, and Job Coaching services.

Ways to Assist in Building the Future Now for Students with Disabilities Through a Partnership with the Vocational Alliance

A letter from Bob Ware, Executive Director, West Suburban Chamber of Commerce:

The United States is going through some hard times. The same is true with Illinois. Locally, the communities that make up the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WSCCI) are working hard to stay focused on the prosperity that will soon return. The members of the Chamber want to achieve a healthy business environment so that everyone will prosper.

At WSCCI, we strive to ensure that the residents and businesses of Countryside, Hodgkins, Indian Head Park, LaGrange, LaGrange Park, Western Springs and Willow Springs, as well as the Villages of McCook and Lyons, will all benefit from our synergetic relationship. By shopping locally and frequenting the members of the Chamber, the membership of the Chamber is able to support more of the residents of our communities.

Partnership Benefits for You and Your Business

Partnership Benefits for Students

Here are 5 easy ways to partner with us:

  • Career Awareness: Share your expertise with students by giving an informational presentation to students about your company, your job or special talents. This can be scheduled at your business or in a classroom setting. (BEC and Career Academy link)
  • Job Shadowing: As students move through the stages of career awareness, career exploration and career planning, seeing real jobs in action and talking with people who do a job of interest to them is the best way to get the “real feel” for that career. (Job Shadowing link)
  • Transitional Experience Program (TEP): This partnership focuses on a worksite agreement where a job training program is established within your business to train students on the role of the worker and perform job tasks in the real work environment. (To see examples of this type of partnership click here to link to distinctive programs)
  • On-the-Job Evaluation and/or Training: Many students want to learn to do specific jobs and can benefit by learning through on-the-job experiences. In this short-term partnership, with our staff to design the work experience, the student learns the skills to meet employer standards and the employer has the opportunity to hire the student at the end of the training. (Link to distinctive programs)
  • Direct Hire: Students want to work! Being employed is the student’s ultimate goal. It is a win-win opportunity. The employer is eligible for a WOTC tax credit based on student wages and employment resources such as job coaching for the new employee, access to staff trained in employment resources and community recognition. (Link to WOTC and Employer Incentives)

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