Communication Development Network

LADSE offers a range of options for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

CD Classrooms

The CD classrooms provide intensive educational and therapeutic supports within a clinical model for students three to fourteen years of age. A student is enrolled for a portion of the school day in a CD program site where staff focus on the development of communication, social skills, and positive behavior. For the remainder of the day, the student receives services in his/her home school in a general education or early childhood classroom. Team collaboration supports curricular adaptations and generalization of skills across educational and home settings.


Communication Development classes offer an eclectic approach to educating students with ASD. Components include but are not limited to Discrete trial, TEACCH methods, Heartland approach, Greenspan Floor Time, and augmentative communication systems.

District Autism Supports

LADSE offers consultative support to teams working with ASD. The consultant assists in the design and structuring of reaching environments, strategies, and supports that best accomodate the needs of students with autism in the natural setting. the focus of the consultation may include social skill development, generalization of skills, behavioral concerns, visual systems, communication strategies, and curricular adaptations.


Colleen Brown
Program Coordinator

Sheri Holton
Administrative Assistant